Our patented "e2e Technology" is a router-compatible protocol enabling direct communication of ANY media content between two devices over the internet , without the provider hosting the bandwidth traffic.

    ITSP Comparison

  • e2e New
  • Zero bandwidth method
  • e2e

  • Current- Bandwidth intensive


  • SIP

Why choose e2e Technology?
What e2e Technology enables:
All IP traffic direct between two clients
Reliable communication set-up
Full NAT traversal, compatible with existing routers
Which means:
No hosting of IP-to-IP bandwidth traffic
No requirement for Session Border Controllers
No STuN, TuRN or ICE protocol methods required
Group 3 Technology have developed innovative IP signalling software, the protocol of which has gained UK, European and USA patent approval. This end-to-end "e2e Technology" enables direct communication between two devices over the internet.
e2e Technology effectively puts two devices on the internet in direct communication with each other whereby ANY media content can be sent between them. The technology has successfully been applied to VoIP telephony in the form of a downloadable software called "VePhone".
VePhone, the e2e client, enables direct one-to-one communication for voice, video, text, snapshot and more. It works with a real UK telephone number and has voicemail and call forward capabilities, in addition to full integration with worldwide landline and mobile networks.